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After their triumphant sell out shows at Scotland's Celtic Connections and The SECC in Glasgow and a handful of shows throughout the UK Love & Money now felt the time was right to revisit a forgotten element of their past.

The Mother's Boy was an ambitious double album which for various reasons was abandoned, with some of the songs surfacing on the classic 'Dogs In The Traffic'.

The Devil's Debt

 1. The Devil's Debt 4:29
2. Goodbye Phoebus 3:42
3. This Is the Last Time 3:41
4. I Never Touched Her 4:28
5. Piglet 4:57
6. Sin of Pity 4:45
7. Modigliani Baby 5:11
8. I'm Just Too Good for You 5:09
9. The Desired 3:54
10. Amaranth 4:20


The band have re-recorded some of these songs, which, allied to some completely new songs has resulted in their first album for 20 years..

Put simply; this is classic Love & Money, featuring the elements which they became renowned for.


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