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Karen Matheson

Karen Matheson releases her long awaited solo album “Downriver” on November 7, 2005 on Vertical Records. The album is inspired by traditional songs she grew up with and reunites her are with Capercaillie’s producer Donal Lunny who plays guitar, bouzouki and bodhran.

The album is a mainly acoustic affair, leaving space for the voice which has mesmerized audiences throughout the world during her career.

Recorded in the serene setting of Crear Studios on the West Coast of Argyll, the album evolved from live sessions with James Grant (guitar), James MacKintosh (percussion), Donald Shaw (piano/accordion), Ewen Vernal (double bass) and Donal Lunny.



1. Chi mi bhuam 
2. Cronan Bleoghainn 
3. Gleann baille chaoil 
4. I will not wear the willow 
5. O Mhairi's tu mo Mhairi 
6. O nach eisdeadh 
7. Laoidh Fhearchair Eoghainn 
8. Singing in the dark 
9. Puirt a beul 
10. Luadh an Toraidh 
11. Crucan na bpaiste 


Singing In The Dark



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