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My Thrawn Glory
Vertical VERTCD055

James Grant was the frontman of the band Love And Money who received critical acclaim for their second album produced by Gary Katz. He has since forged a solo career producing lyrically and musically challenging CDs.

James Grant

Minus 10 - Belle Of My Burlesque - Does It All Add Up To Nothing - Darkcountry - Jacqueline's Shoes - Lodestar Rising - Hey Renee - I See All Of You Now - Religion - Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey - My Thrawn Glory

Belle Of My Burlesque

Jacqueline's Shoes

...its honeyed melancholy is irresistible...Grant's poetic lyrics don't squander a syllable (MOJO)


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Other James Grant/related CDs:

Sawdust In My Veins

Strange Flowers

The Devil's Debt (Love & Money)

Little Death (Love & Money)


I Shot The Albatross
Vertical VRTCD003 

The release of James Grant's second solo album 'My Thrawn Glory' heralded the re-emergence of one of Scotland's finest and most enduring singer /songwriters.

His latest album has been inspired by poetry: "The idea of setting music to poetry kicked in...after a lot of reading and searching websites."


James Grant - I Shot The Albatross

A Tale Best Forgotten - Long John Brown and Little Mary Bell - The Tragedy Of The Leaves - Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town - Wild Nights - Summer Farm - The Triumph Of Hunger - Lady Weeping At The Crossroads - The Horses - Song

A Tale Best Forgotten

The Tragedy Of The Leaves

The Triumph Of Hunger

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