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Sonja Kristina

Post her genre-defining solo release 'Songs From The Acid Folk' (MSMCD109), former Curved Air vocalist and songwriter Kristina moved on to 'astro folk' with 1994's 'Harmonics of Love'.

An album that bridges her progressive rock and acid folk past with the electronic experimentalism that was to emerge in the noughties via a giddy 'new age' rush of melodic and ambient music connecting acousticity to studio effects and natural sounds sampled from locations as disparate as the Amazon rain forest and that year's Glastonbury Festival.

Bonus tracks for this enhanced reissue take in later work including a Motorhead cover (!) and output from her current project MASK.

In her notes, Sonja writes:

"These songs of desire, heartache, forgiveness and fellowship were recorded in the afterglow of happy times travelling with my wild and willful players between 1989 and 1997, playing intimate venues, festivals and spiritual retreats in the UK.

My band at the time, Cloud Ten made music experimental and improvised around the pulse and lilt of my words and melodies.

During the second "summer of love' we played acoustic trance music 'our sonic vision of those times.'



Harmonics Of Love

1. Tropical Birth
2. Angel
3. Heart of Glass
4. Marimbas/Lullaby
5. Baby Song
6. A Woman's Heart
7. Divine Cloud Space
8. Elfin Boy
9. Glastonbury Dawn
10. Blindman
11. Dreamers
12. Remember Yourself
Bonus tracks:
13. Melinda More Or Less
14. Don"t Believe a Word
15. Threnody
16. Beloved
17. Nightfall
18. Healing Senses


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Sonja Kristina


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