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Orchestra Luna

Along with Captain Beefheart’s 'Trout Mask Replica', Tea and Symphony’s 'Joe Sago', Wild Man Fischer’s 'An evening With Wild Man Fischer' and the GTO’s 'Permanent Damage' lie many unsung and criminally ignored masterpieces.

One such is Orchestra Luna’s eponymous debut.

Described by one critic on its 1975 release on Epic as 'the soundtrack to a musical that never took place', Orchestra Luna is the first and only album by this innovative Boston based music/theatre outfit, whose modus operandi was a three-pronged one male/two female vocal attack with musical backing and spoken word contributions.



1. Were You Dancin' On Paper 2. Miss Pamela 3. Little Sam 4. Heart 5. Love Is Not Enough 6. Boy Scouts 7. Fay Wray 8. But One 9. Doris Dreams

Audio : Were You Dancin' On Paper


Mixing poetry and music was commonplace then and practised by The Liverpool Scene, Occasional Word and Hawkwind with the late Bob Calvert. However, nobody quite achieved the fine balance of narration and music as Peter Barrett did with Orchestra Luna which worked into its repertoire an element of showbiz that harked back to Vaudeville and the glory days of early Hollywood musicals.  


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