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Al Atkins - Heavy Thoughts

Free at last - 1995's lost solo release from Judas Priest co-founder and first vocalist Al Atkins.

This top notch set affirms Atkins' as one of hard rock's pathfinders. Includes Priest's "Caviar And Meths" restored to its orginal epic eight minutes, bonus unreleased tracks from recent recordings with Pete 'MZ' Emms, Mick Hales and Budgie's Simon Lees.

Features Priest reminiscence from Al plus original notes by Garry Sharpe-Young.


Heavy Thoughts


1. Heavy Thoughts 2. Turn Around
3. Price Of Love 4. When Love Steals The Night 5. A Void To Avoid 6. The Deepest Blue 7. Little Wild Child
8. Caviar And Meths
Bonus Tracks 9. Cradle To The Grave
10. Sentenced

Audio : Heavy Thoughts

".. full of great songs, heavy and blistering guitar solos and a powerful rhythm sections ... one of the strongest hard rock releases of '94."
More Than Music Magazine

"... consistently good and hugely likeable. Priest fans will want to investigate to reassemble a litttle bit of band history and the inclusion of 'Caviar And Meths' makes this pretty much a must-have, especially as it appears in its full eight-minute version. This CD will be welcomed by lovers of well-constructed heavy rock and the NWOBHM genre."
Get Ready To Rock


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