Dave Brock formed "Hawkwind" in 1969 although it has been subject to numerous line-up changes through the years it is still led by him.

In 1970, the band appeared at the Isle of Wight Festival. In the same year they played at the Glastonbury Rock Festival. These activities helped establish them as the people's band, as well as becoming identified with creating brand new genre as a 'space-rock' underground band.

Earthed to Ground is Dave's first solo project outside of Hawkwind and is sure to sought after by Hawkwind fans new and old alike.


Earthed To The Ground / The Agents Of Chaos

Earth To Ground 1. Earthed To The Ground 2. Assassination 3. Green Finned Demon 4. Spirits 5. Sweet Obsession
6. Oscillations 7. Machine Dream
8. Now is the Winter of our Discontent
9. On The Case 10. Raping Robots*
11. Wired Up For Sound*

Agents of Chaos 1. Hi Tech Cities
2. A Day 3. In The Office 4. Hades Deep
5. Words of A Song 6. Heads 7. Nocturne 8. Wastelands 9. Empty Dreams
10. Infinity (featuring Lemmy)*

*Bonus Tracks

Sweet Obsession

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