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Wildlife Album

A total of 18 tracks are exclusive to this release, the majority of those having been recorded specifically for this project.

The international artists whose contributions are exclusive include: Jan Akkerman, Ian Anderson, Dennis Cahill, Cara Dillon, Roy Harper, Martin Hayes, Andy Irvine, Bert Jansch, Martyn Joseph, Duffy Power, Colin Reid, Brooks Williams

Additionally, the album features existing album tracks (some in the form of exclusive edits) from the following: Steve Ashley, Fairport Convention, and Leafhound.

And finally, there are a few tracks involving hugely talented local artists from Northern Ireland including: singers Helen McGurk, Tina McSherry, Janet Holmes, Catherine Harper, guitarist Iain Archer, trumpeter Linley Hamilton

CARA DILLON The Other Side

MARTYN JOSEPH Giant Panda's Giant Thoughts




1. The Other Side
(Dougie McLean arr: Lakeman/Dillon)
Cara Dillon
Cara Dillon (vocals), Sam Lakeman (piano), Ed Boyd (guitar), Ben Nicholls (double bass), Feargal OíCathain (drums, percussion)
Produced: Sam Lakeman
Recorded: Amberville Studio, Cullybackey / Sam & CaraĎs place, Frome 2004

2. Passing Away: For The Dodo & The Great Auk (Colin Harper) IMRO
Dennison Quartet
Lesley Dennison (violin), Shane McNeill (violin), Davy Campbell (viola), Scott Heron (cello)
Transcribed for strings by Anita Mawhinney
Produced: Colin Harper
Recorded: Novatech Studios, Belfast, November 2003

3. My Heart Is Broken (Colin Harper) IMRO
Helen McGurk/Legends Of Tomorrow
Helen McGurk (vocal), Ruth Balmer (vocal), Cormac OíCathain (organ), Colin Harper (acoustic guitar), James Devlin (electric guitar), Barry Bynum (lead electric guitar), Keith Law (bass), Feargal OíCathain (drums)
Produced: Colin Harper
Recorded: Green Dolphin Studios, Belfast, 1995

4. Giant Pandaís Giant Thoughts (Martyn Joseph/Stewart Henderson) MCPS/PRS
Martyn Joseph
Martyn Joseph (guitar, vocal)
Recorded: Martynís place, Cardiff 2004

5. Sweet Again (Duffy Power) copyright control
Duffy Power
Duffy Power (vocal, harmonica, guitars)
Produced: Val Howard & Duffy Power
Recorded: London, 2003
From the forthcoming Duffy Power album True

6. Sad Road To The Sea
Pete French (vocal), Mick Halls (lead guitar), Derek Brooks (guitar), Stuart Brooks (bass), Keith Young (drums)
Recorded: Spot Studios, London, 1970
Abridged from the sole Leafhound album, Growers Of Mushroom (Decca, 1971)

7. Bonjour Mon Couer (Orlande De Lassus)
Catherine Harper/Ensemble De Lassus
Catherine Harper (high soprano), Anita Mawhinney (soprano), Caroline Orr (alto-ish), Linley Hamilton (trumpet), David Johnson (bass trombone)
Arranged: Anita Mawhinney
Produced: Colin Harper
Recorded: Novatech Studios, Belfast 2004

8. Most People I Know Think Iím Crazy (Billy Thorpe) Mushroom Records Pty Ltd
Tina McSherry/The Wildlife Ensemble
Tina McSherry (vocals), Brian Connor (piano), Colin Reid (electric guitar), James Davis (electric guitar), Ali MacKenzie (bass), Paul Hamilton (drums)
Produced: Colin Harper
Recorded: Novatech Studios, Belfast 2004

9. Rain Happens (Jan Akkerman) copyright control
For Laurie & Anne
Jan Akkerman
Jan Akkerman (electric/acoustic guitars, keyboards, programming), Colin Harper (electric guitars)
Produced: Jan Akkerman
Recorded: Janís place, Volendam / Novatech Studios, Belfast 2004

10. Long, Long, Long (George Harrison) Harrisongs
Janet Holmes
Janet Holmes (vocals), Colin Harper (guitar), Brian Connor (piano, Hammond organ)
Produced: Colin Harper & Janet Holmes
Recorded: Amberville Studio, Cullybackey 2001

11. Blues For A Green Earth (Colin Harper) IMRO
Bert Jansch
Bert Jansch (guitar), Colin Harper (guitar, glockenspiel), Ali Mackenzie (bass)
Produced: Bert Jansch & Colin Harper
Recorded: Bertís place, London / Novatech Studios, Belfast 2004

12. Jabberwocky (Lewis Carroll) copyright control
Roy Harper
Roy Harper (recitation, atmosphere, addendum)
Produced: Roy Harper
Recorded: Royís place, Clonakilty, Cork 2004

13. Say Goodbye (Steve Ashley) Topic Records Ltd
Steve Ashley
Steve Ashley (vocal, acoustic guitar), Al Fenn (lead acoustic guitar), Danny Thompson (double bass)
Produced: Steve Ashley & Martin Mitchell
Recorded: Cheltenham, 2000
Abridged from the Steve Ashley album Everyday Lives (Topic, 2001)

14. Here Comes The Sun (George Harrison) Harrisongs
Gordon Giltrap
Gordon Giltrap (guitar)
Recorded: Gordonís place, Solihull 2004

15. Be The One (Colin Harper/Iain Archer/Rick Monro) IMRO
Rick Monro/ Susan Enan with Iain Archer
Rick Monro (vocal), Susan Enan (vocal), Colin Harper (electric guitar), Iain Archer (solo electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocal), Mark McCluney (harmonica, backing vocal), Bruce McClements (backing vocal), Gary Aiken (keyboards, additional electric guitar, drum programming)
Produced: Colin Harper & Gary Aiken
Recorded: Green Dolphin Studios, Belfast / Novatech Studios, Belfast 1995-96

16. The Master Of Silence (Trip To Ennis) (Colin Harper) IMRO
Martin Hayes / The Legends Of Tomorrow
Martin Hayes (violins), Colin Harper (acoustic guitar), Iggy Ward (electric guitar), Cormac OíCathain (piano), Eamon McElholm (cello), Ali MacKenzie (bass), Liam Bradley (drums)
Produced: Colin Harper
Recorded: Matt Purcellís, Ennis 1995 + Novatech Studios, Belfast 1995 / 2001

17. Gymnopedie (Erik Satie) copyright control
Colin Reid
Colin Reid (guitar)
Produced: Colin Reid
Recorded: Novatech Studios, Belfast 2004

18. Moreton Bay (Trad Arr Irvine)
Andy Irvine & His Australian Friends with Ian Anderson
Andy Irvine (vocal, harmonica, bouzouki), Kate Burke (guitar, harmony vocal), Ruth Hazleton (harmony vocal), James Fagan (Wurlitzer, harmony vocal), Nancy Kerr (viola), Ian Anderson (Indian bamboo flute)
Produced: Andy Irvine
Recorded: Amberville Studio, Cullybackey / Ianís place, Wiltshire 2004

19. Iím Already There (Chris Leslie) copyright control/MCPS
Fairport Convention
Chris Leslie (lead vocal, bouzouki), Simon Nicol (guitar, backing vocal), Ric Sanders (violin), Dave Pegg (Fender Jazz five-string bass, mandolin, backing vocal), Gerry Conway (drums, percussion)
Recorded: Woodworm Studios, Barford St Michael, 2004
Abridged from the Fairport Convention album Over The Next Hill (Matty Grooves, 2004)

20. Sleepwalk (Santo, John Farina)
Dennis Cahill
Dennis Cahill (guitar)
Produced: Dennis Cahill
Recorded: Arno Studios, Chicago, 2004

21. The Master Of Silence (Slight Return) (Colin Harper) IMRO
Brooks Williams
Brooks Williams (guitar), Colin Harper (guitar)
Produced: Colin Harper
Recorded: Green Dolphin Studios, Belfast 1995


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