Love And Money

Prior to its release in 1991, all had not been well with the band and their record company. Shifts in musical policy and personnel changes meant it was a tough time for James Grant and Love & Money, but eventually "Dogs In The Traffic" saw the light of day and the haunting "Winter" was their final chart entry, and a fitting epitaph to an excellent band.

In 2011 Love And Money returned for a series of gigs and are planning a new album release in 2012. 


Dogs In The Traffic

1.Winter 2. Johnny's Not There 3. My Love Lives In A Dead House 4. Cheap Pearls
 5. You're Not The Only One 6. Looking For Angeline 7. Sometimes I Want To Give Up 8. Lips Like Ether 9. Whisky Dream
10. Pappa Death




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