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Michael McGoldrick - Fused

Michael McGoldrick's second solo album features support from his colleagues in Capercaillie, Karen Matheson, Manus Lunny, Ewen Vernal and Donald Shaw, together with James Grant and John Saich amongst others.


Watermans - (a) James Brown's march (b) Noon Lassies - (a) The Ashplant (b) Hanley's Reel (c) The Otters Holt - (a) The Fisherman In The Wardrobe (b) Goodbye Grant - (a) Sullys No.37 (b) Lucy's Reel - (a) Lough Mountain (b) Paddy Finlay's (c) Dan Breen's Reel - (a) Terry Teehan's (b) Her Long Black Hair - (a) Windbroke (b) The Log - Buain A Choirce - (a) Ridee (b) Paperbird - (a) Sean Reid's (b) An Bhean Tinceare (c) The Bunny's Hat - (a) Hip Agus Hop (b) The Roaring Bar Maid - Donal Og


The Ashplant

Sullys No 37


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