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James Grant

James Grant was the talented songwriter and driving force behind the critically acclaimed Love And Money.

More recently he has worked with many Scottish-based acts including Karen Matheson the singer with folk fusionists Capercaillie.

This is Grant's first solo album and it is full of that dark, brooding delivery and superb song structure that hallmark his work and make it something special.


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Sawdust In My Veins
1. Pray The Dawn
2. All Her Saturdays
3. I Can't Stop Bleeding
4. Cure For Life
5. I Don't Know You Anymore
6. Is Anybody Dreaming
7. No Chicane
8. Hide
9. This Is The Last Time
10. Sawdust In My Veins
11. If You Love Me Leave Me Alone


I Can't Stop Bleeding


9.99 plus p&p


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