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MASK is Sonja Kristina in inspired collaboration with Ambient Orchestral Composer Marvin Ayres.

During 2008/9 Sonja Kristina has been touring with the reformed Curved Air in support of the band's CD release Reborn (featuring two of Marvin's productions) and incorporating music from the first three classic Warner Bros Curved Air Top 20 albums, Air Conditioning, Second Album and Phantasmagoria.

MASK are now preparing for performances in Europe in April 2010


"mellow and addictive sounds, perfect for the modern world" Dj Magazine

"Serious structure combines with romantic moods to achieve an engaging dose of weightless tranquillity that possesses a demonstrative presence of humanity" Sonic Curiosity seems that Sonja and Marvin have been in a dug-out somewhere grooving to 'Moon Safari', because a track like 'Waking The Dream' recalls those Gallic Gods of Chill. A sense of modern hippie-ism pervades throughout, the whole effect very satisfying: a gem for the Pomegranate generation, and a CD to keep snug next to the nut-roast cookbook.



Heavy Petal (CD/DVD)

1. Dark Murmer
2. Global Incantation
3. Paean
4. Fall So Hard
5. Healing Senses
6. Blue Words
7. Shelter Skelter
8. Free
9. Sliding Universe
10. Lambent Spires
11. Beloved
12. Living Inside My Head
13. Waking The Dream
14. Sound of Tears Forming
15. Those Ghosts

Side Two 5.1 Surround Sound DVD Healing Senses.

1. Free
2. Lambent Spires
3. Healing Senses



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Sonja Kristina

Sonja Kristina


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