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Marvin Ayres

"I wanted to create something orchestral, a large-scale piece which exclusively utilises acoustic classical instruments - which eventually turned out even larger than originally planned".

The latest highly individual and compelling work from this British modern-classical composer and performer is in the best tradition of his diverse back catalogue of minimalist albums incorporating special soundscapes and psychoacoustics.

Harmogram is Marvin Ayres' term to describe his hybridizing harmonics, harmony and hologram. In six movements and written for cello and string orchestra, the result is overdubbed with 140 layers, Marvin playing each and every instrument and part but for the fifth movement, which employs a choir.

Fan Martyn Ware (Human League/Heaven 17) suggested it be mixed in 3D, with the intention of giving live performances, in combinations of players and 3D Sound System Orchestra. The result is a unique, modern classical composition.




1. Movement One - Underture
2. Movement Two
3. Movement Three
4. Movement Four
5. Movement Five
6. Lament


"A serious and thoughtful composer"
- The Wire

"Harmogram Suite powerfully argues that Marvin Ayres' string playing is one of the loveliest things one might possibly hear, and it's especially ravishing when presented in multi-layered form. Rather than hearing the material as if it's coming towards the listener, he/she instead feels enveloped by it, especially when Ayres' playing is heard in its fullest orchestral form." - Textura

“Ayres' music is transcendent, evoking images and emotions ultimately unique to each listener. This is about utilizing music to evoke a mood, to provoke a gentle response.”
All About Jazz

- Sixth release from acclaimed classical ambient composer

- Two-disc CD-and-DVD package

- Recorded in 5.1 surroundsound consistent with the holographic concept



CD & DVD package £9.99 plus postage

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