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YOLA: Press Reviews

"I cannot fault any aspect of this disc. It's a mature statement. The production is superb and the songs are 'crafted'. Her already-established fan base will love this … one of the flagship Irish folk releases of the year."

Shaun Belcher, BBC Radio 2

"… the glorious simplicity of this release feels like a homecoming in every sense. Backed by three superb musicians, the live-in-home-studio performances are beautifully restrained, and the vibe of both writing and sound has a warmth and contentedness redolent of gazing through rain-lashed stone-cottage windows in Wexford - which is, as it happens, pretty much how it was."

Colin Harper, Mojo

" …a class act. One listen to the opening song on 'Yola' confirms that this CD realises her true potential as a resourceful and gifted songwriter … Eleanor is an original, clearly enjoying her role as a songwriter without any apparent pressure linked to her transatlantic success."

KW, Get Rhythm

"… a brave rejection of the predictable in favour of a more adventuresome following of one woman's heart."

Jackie Hayden, Hot Press

"In 1994, after picking up a clutch of Irish awards, she released her self-titled solo debut to much the same acclaim,. And yet that remains the only oen of the albums to be released in the UK. Matters are put to rights with this, her fourth and undoutbedly best release."

David Yeats, Birmingham Post




Eleanor McEvoy

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