Giant Electric Pea

Steve Thorne

Steve Thorne returns with his fourth album, playing the majority of the instruments bar Nick D’Virgilio (Cirque Du Soleil/ex-Spock’s Beard) and Bob White on drums with Tony Levin and Gary Chandler (Jadis) also guesting. Also former IQ member Martin Orford pops out of musical retirement to play flute on two songs.

An artist where you can start with any of his albums to date and not be disappointed. As mentioned previously Steve Thorne can appeal to the prog rock fans but also a wider audience who appreciate melodic rock with thought provoking lyrics.

Jason Ritchie,



 Crimes & Reasons

1. Already Dead 2. Bullets & Babies 3. Crimes And Reasons 4. Everything Under The Sun 5. Fadeaway 6. Moth To A Flame 7.Blue Yonder 8. Making Plans 9. Modern Curse 10. Distant Thunder



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