Giant Electric Pea

Renaissance - Tuscany

In the 1990s Annie Haslam continued to enjoy success with her solo releases and Michael Dunford continued to write, and though they were by now living on opposite sides of the Atlantic, they collaborated in 1998 to promote a proposed stage musical version of Scheherazade.

This collaboration soon assumed an even more ambitious nature, as work began on recording a new CD together with Terry Sullivan and John Tout, with Roy Wood producing and sharing bass duties with Alex Caird.

Initial sessions took place in Terry Sullivan’s studio in the New Forest, with work being completed in Astra Studios, Canterbury. John Tout was unavailable for the later sessions, but a very able and permanent permanent deputy was soon found in the shape of Mickey Simmonds, formerly with Camel, Mike Oldfield and Fish. Tuscany was released in October 2001.



1. Lady From Tuscany 2. Pearls Of Wisdom 3. Eva's Pond 4. Dear Landseer
5. In The Sunshine 6. In My Life 7. The Race 8. Dolphin's Prayer 9. Life In Brazil 10. One Thousand Roses

Lady From Tuscany

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